Snow and ice warnings won’t stop care being delivered

Warnings of snow and ice are currently in place in North Wales and will remain during New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and beyond according to the MET office.


We are always ready and prepared, whatever the weather, to ensure our service users are cared for as normal. They can rest assured we won’t let them down.

Our carers have been briefed to make sure all service users are warm enough, have eaten well and have had plenty to drink and before they leave, they will check that the service user has easy access to blankets, hot drinks and hot water bottles. This is particularly essential during the current tier four restrictions Wales is faced with as many can’t get out and about as normal.

Whatever the weather we will reach our service users. We become like an emergency service during bad weather situations, ensuring we don’t leave people without the vital care they need. We are committed to offering high quality care to individuals in their own homes and will continue to do this despite bad weather.

We take our carers’ health and safety into serious consideration and ensure they can all travel safely to each of their service users. They also have a vast support network behind them should they need it. In the past we have received help from kind individuals in the local community, giving our carers lifts to their calls and we have even had one of our carers travel via tractor in bad weather in order to reach a service user!