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Maintaining a good diet during lockdown

It’s important for our physical and mental health, especially during the current lockdown restrictions, that we maintain a good diet. Here are some of our top tips to help you: Plan ahead Planning meals in advance helps you to stick to the healthier and more nutritional options. If you don’t plan ahead you will more […]


The importance of calcium in your diet

All of us need calcium to build and maintain healthy bones. The mineral also helps our heart beat, our muscles to contract and our blood to clot and the amount we need changes as we get older. As we age, our bone loss accelerates and conditions such as osteoporosis can develop if our bones are […]


Why you should introduce cranberries into your diet

Cranberries aren’t just for popping on our Christmas dinner plates alongside the turkey – we need to be incorporating them into our regular diets as they are bursting with health benefits. Cranberries are full of vitamin C, which is great for our immune systems, so load up on them if you feel a cold or […]


Make room for mushrooms in your diet to help halt brain decline

According to new research eating two or more portions of mushrooms per week could halve your risk of bran decline in old age. The study, which was recently published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease found that older people who eat 300g or more of cooked mushrooms have a reduced risk of mild cognitive impairment […]


The benefits of potassium in our diet

We all know that healthy eating is extremely important and we have previously blogged about the importance of vitamin D for people with dementia, how garlic is a super food we should all be including in our diets and how an elderly person can keep their health in check with kale. But today we want […]


Dismissing dementia myths

Dementia isn’t something a lot of people learn about at a younger age and there is a lot of misconception surrounding it, so we’ve decided to give people the lowdown on some of the biggest myths out there. According to the Alzheimer’s Society, there are currently 850,000 people with the condition in the UK, with […]


The benefits of eating potatoes

At this time of year, one thing many of us like to indulge in is comfort eating. Hearty potatoes are great for keeping us warm and they’re packed full of goodness too, so you don’t have to feel guilty for indulging. Here’s why the spud is so good for you: It is packed full of […]


Advice on healthy eating for the elderly

As part of Healthy Eating Week, which takes place from September 28 until October 4, we’re offering our expert advice on how the elderly can have a healthy diet and why it’s so important for them to do so. A diet rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids is a must and will have great […]


Nail care for the elderly

We always encourage our elderly service users to maintain their own personal hygiene and grooming as much as possible. One aspect of this is practising good nail care. As we age, our nails become more brittle and elderly individuals are more likely to experience cracking, breaking and chipping of their nails. We’ve put together some […]


Tips to keep an elderly loved-one’s fridge organised

If you have an elderly loved-one living alone, you want to be reassured that they’re eating properly, so it’s important to make sure their fridge is well stocked and organised. Stocking up and organisation Ideally your loved-one should have a good mix of fresh and long-life items. Fruit, meat and eggs are great fresh diet […]