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Tips for elderly to keep warm in winter

Many of our service users are elderly individuals and the cold winter weather can affect them greatly, so we’ve put together some top tips on how to keep warm this winter that we hope you can use or share these with someone you might know who needs them. Heating – having a warm home if […]


Free advice for elderly on keeping cool in warm weather

We’ve already experienced some warm days, with temperatures climbing above 20° Celsius. We feel it’s important that people, especially the elderly and vulnerable, are well-prepared for more hot weather to come as temperatures are expected to reach 27° and 28° Celsius. The elderly are one of the most vulnerable age groups in warm weather. Our […]


Advice for elderly to keep safe and warm in winter

After enjoying an unusually mild festive season, the temperatures have now dropped dramatically. We’ve already had some snowfall across Wales with more forecast and the roads and pavements have become slippery with ice, which is why we’ve put together a few helpful tips for the elderly to help keep them safe and warm this winter. […]


Elderly offered advice on keeping warm this winter

We’re offering elderly people in the country advice on keeping warm in the winter weather (2018). Hhaving a warm home if you had reduced mobility or are over 65-years-old is extremely important in the winter and the minimum a home should be heated to is 18 degrees. The cold weather can really affect the elderly […]


Wrapping up warm this winter

We’ve lots of advice here on our blog for the elderly to keep warm in their homes during winter. But what about when they want to venture out? Even in winter it’s still important to go outside and do some walking. It’s great for your mental health and a dose of vitamin D, even if […]


Top tips for keeping people with dementia calm

We are revealing some helpful techniques our carers use to keep service users with dementia calm as part of World Alzheimer’s Month. People with dementia can often panic and become agitated and it’s important to use calming techniques for those with the condition and the company has rolled these out as part of its training. […]


Keeping your elderly loved-one’s home cool in hot weather

Elderly folk are the most vulnerable when it comes to the hot weather as the ability to regulate their own body temperature decreases with age. We have previously posted tips on keeping an elderly loved-one cool in the summer, but it’s also a good idea to make sure their home is a cool environment for […]


The best at home hobbies for keeping the elderly mind active

It can be daunting for an elderly person to have a whole day stretching out before them with no plans in place, so we’ve put together a list of possible hobbies they could take up at home to not only keep them occupied during their spare time, but to also help keep their minds active. […]


Help elderly prepare their homes for winter

According to weather forecasts, we could experience the worst winter we’ve seen in decades. The Beast from the East saw 17 people die in 2018 and it could return with a vengeance this year, with temperatures reaching -15 degrees Celsius. Some of the people affected most by the cold are the elderly. When temperatures drop […]


How to have a dementia-friendly Bonfire night

Each year we encourage our carers to reassure our elderly service users and those with dementia on Bonfire night (November 5) as it can be particularly frightening for them due to the loud noises.  It’s important when planning your Bonfire night celebrations, that you take into consideration any friends, family members or neighbours with dementia, […]