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Tips to sleep well during lockdown

You might be finding it harder to sleep during the current lockdown restrictions. There’s lots of uncertainty around at the moment, which could be making it difficult for you to switch off. Not getting a full night’s sleep can affect how you function the next day. Our carers know it’s super important to be well-rested […]


Tips for people with Dementia to get a good night’s sleep

People with dementia can often have trouble sleeping or suffer from a disturbed sleeping pattern, which can impact on them, their day and the people around them. Some people with dementia may even sleep during the day and be unable to get to sleep at night or they might wake in the night and feel […]


Top tips to improve your sleep

Not getting a full night’s sleep can affect how you function the next day. Our carers ensure that our service users have a sleeping routine put in place, but it’s also super important that they are well-rested before tackling a day of care work too so we always give them some top tips to follow […]


Looking out for loved-one’s mental health

It’s super important that we look out for our elderly loved-one’s mental health. Especially as we have recently come out of our firebreaker lockdown in Wales. A recent survey by the Alzheimer’s Society of around 2,000 people with dementia found that 45% said the lockdowns have had a negative impact on their mental health. We’ve […]


We’re supporting Carers Rights Day

We are supporting Carers Rights Day on Thursday, November 26. Carers, especially those who are unpaid and looking after family members, need to know their rights and how to get support. We are always keen to raise awareness of the amount of people out there who are caring for a loved one. Often unpaid, while […]


The physical symptoms of loneliness

Many of us experience feelings of loneliness and this has been exacerbated recently due to the COVID-19 pandemic and having to spend more time at home. The elderly and vulnerable, who often live alone, are much more prone to feeling lonely. Loneliness can not only impact on us mentally, but physically too. Here are just […]


Reading can be good for your health

Reading is a fantastic hobby for people who are getting older. It can improve memory, reduce stress, improve sleep and delay cognitive decline. It can also transport you to different worlds in your imagination and will help you pass the hours by. Plus it’s a great distraction for many, as we’re all spending more time […]


Rules for residents during local lockdowns

‘Local lockdowns’ are becoming more regular in towns and cities across the country. The rules can often be confusing, especially for the elderly. If you have one put in place in your town, so we’ve put together some handy pointers to you make sense of them. However, some rules may differ depending on location, so […]


Advice on healthy eating for the elderly

As part of Healthy Eating Week, which takes place from September 28 until October 4, we’re offering our expert advice on how the elderly can have a healthy diet and why it’s so important for them to do so. A diet rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids is a must and will have great […]


Top tips to help you remain positive

Recent research has revealed that positive thinking could help us to live longer. The study suggests people who are more optimistic may find it easier to regulate emotions and behaviour. It might also be easier for them to bounce back from stress and difficulties. It was also revealed that they tend to have healthier habits, […]