Sow sweet peas in February

If you read our blog on jobs to do in the garden in February, you will have noticed one of those jobs was to sow sweet peas. As part of our #GetGardening series, to help keep you occupied during lockdown, we’re sharing top tips for sowing the seeds so you can enjoy lovely, sweet smelling […]

Gardening jobs for February

If you took up gardening during the previous lockdowns, you might be thinking there isn’t much you can be doing at this time of year on your plot. However, there is still lots to be getting on with. As part of our #GetGardening series, we’ve put together a list of jobs you can do in […]

Dismissing dementia myths

Dementia isn’t something a lot of people learn about at a younger age and there is a lot of misconception surrounding it, so we’ve decided to give people the lowdown on some of the biggest myths out there. According to the Alzheimer’s Society, there are currently 850,000 people with the condition in the UK, with […]

Tips for getting your home organised

A new year often brings with it the urge to clean and organise our home. We’ve put together some top tips for keeping things organised and getting the job done well. If you have an elderly loved-one, neighbour or friend whose house needs some TLC, then why not give them a hand? Please only enter […]

The importance of an eye test for the elderly

It is recommended that we have an eye test every two years, however people over the age of 40 should be tested more regularly. We can often take our eyesight for granted. As we age it can deteriorate, so it’s important to keep up with your regular check-ups. If you notice a sudden change in […]

Encouraging the elderly to eat

As we age, it can become increasingly difficult to eat well. There are lots of reasons why an elderly person might lose their appetite, this can range from various health conditions, to taking medications and even depression or loneliness. If you’re looking after an older relative, friend or neighbour, then we have put together some […]

The benefits of eating potatoes

At this time of year, one thing many of us like to indulge in is comfort eating. Hearty potatoes are great for keeping us warm and they’re packed full of goodness too, so you don’t have to feel guilty for indulging. Here’s why the spud is so good for you: It is packed full of […]

Advice for elderly on taking care of their teeth

During the current lockdown restrictions, many dentists are only seeing patients for emergency appointments, so we’ve got some top advice for the elderly and vulnerable on taking care of their teeth. If you’re elderly or vulnerable or are looking after someone who is, we hope this advice is helpful for you. Certain conditions can develop […]

Preparing someone with dementia for the COVID-19 vaccine

The roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine began in December (2020) and those who are most at risk are currently receiving it first. The top four priority groups include all those 70 years of age and over and clinically extremely vulnerable individuals. It also includes frontline health and care workers and care home residents. To […]

The benefits of chess for the brain

Strategic games such as chess can help exercise your memory. If you’re staying at home more often and need something to keep you occupied, how about taking up the game? It has many benefits for the brain and can protect it from cognitive decline. If you live with a loved-one, you can both play, but […]