Ashlee treats caring hands with donation of hand creams

Ashlee Bevan from Forden near Welshpool is helping ensure the hands of our frontline care workers are kept well moisturised with donations of hand creams. The 32-year-old donated 15 Body Shop hand creams to carers at our Newtown branch. Ashlee said: “I am a Body Shop At Home consultant and wanted to do my bit […]

Gardening during a pandemic – growing your own herbs

Our series of gardening blogs is continuing as part of our bid to get the people of Wales out into their gardens during the current Covid-19 pandemic. It’s still not too late to take up gardening and you could even give growing your own herbs a go. Many garden centres are offering home delivery services […]

Gentle exercises for elderly during lockdown

We recently blogged about the different exercises the elderly can do to stay active during the lockdown. However, everyone’s levels of mobility are different. For those that are less mobile and unable to take part in full exercise classes and routines, there are some simple, gentle stretches that can be done. It’s not about working […]

We’re welcoming extra funding for adult social care providers from Welsh government

We are welcome the recent (May, 2020) announcement from the Welsh government of an extra £40 million to support adult social care services during the coronavirus pandemic. The funding will be allocated through the new Covid-19 ‘hardship fund’ and authorities will work with adult social care providers to disperse the funds to cover basic PPE […]

Avoiding COVID-19 related scams during lockdown

The current COVID-19 outbreak has caused uncertainty and confusion across the world.   We have previously posted advice for the elderly to help them avoid falling for scams and fraudsters. However, there has been a new wave of scams exploiting the uncertainty surrounding the condition. Scams have included medical kits that aim to prevent or […]

Boost your immune system with Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones, teeth and muscles. It also helps absorb calcium and phosphate from our diet. For the elderly, who are at a higher risk of falls and weaker bones, it’s especially important they get enough of this essential vitamin. Low levels can lead to low moods, fatigue and even depression. […]

Our Ebbw Vale branch calls on businesses for donations of masks, gloves and aprons

In addition to the equipment they already have, frontline staff working for our Ebbw Vale branch are asking businesses to donate any items they no longer need into a donation box outside Penallta Rugby Club. There are many businesses out there who might use gloves, masks or aprons on a daily basis, but have had […]

Stay at home & take up gardening during Coronavirus restrictions

It’s extremely important that everyone stays at home at the moment and we’re huge supporters of this, so have tried to come up with some suggestions of interesting things for people to do. Now is the perfect time for people to take up a new hobby and we think gardening is a great place to […]

Gardening during a pandemic – growing tomatoes

If you’re taking up gardening during the current restrictions, now is the time to start thinking about your tomato plants. Many garden centres are offering home delivery services at the moment, so if you’re placing an order, think about everything you’ll need for growing juicy tomatoes. What you’ll need You’ll need your tomato plants of […]

Keeping in touch with elderly during lockdown

Keeping in regular contact with any elderly and vulnerable friends, neighbours or family members, is incredibly important at the moment. Telephone Thankfully we still have the good old-fashioned telephone call, so checking in on your elderly friends or relatives daily is easy. If your loved-one lives alone, they will enjoy hearing from you and look […]