The benefits of on-the-job training

Working in care has great benefits and, with us, you can get paid to undergo training in the care industry. New recruits can undertake training in the Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) at level two and progress to level three as well as take on on-the-job training. We offer QCF level two training as standard […]

Watching nature programmes is good for well-being

A new study has revealed that watching nature programmes on TV can uplift people’s moods. It can help reduce negative emotions and improve well-being. It can even alleviate the boredom that comes with being isolated indoors. Not long ago, we blogged about the benefits for watching TV for the elderly, so we’re thrilled to hear […]

We’re continuing to support charity campaign

We are continuing our support of a charity campaign for people each lunchtime to open their windows and shout ‘hello’ to their neighbours. Earlier this year, we saw Communicare in Southampton’s idea to encourage people to shout ‘cooee’ or ‘hello’, or any form of friendly greeting, from an open window or over the garden fence, […]

November gardening tasks

Continuing with our gardening series, we’ve put together some top tips for jobs you can do during November. Before you attempt any tasks, please ensure you are doing so safely. If you have limited mobility, please only attempt tasks when you have a family member or carer present. Pruning This month you can prune deciduous […]

Remember, remember the elderly on the fifth of November

Anyone planning their own home-based garden Bonfire Night firework displays this November are being urged to remember the elderly and vulnerable in their area. We’re asking people to inform any older neighbours in their community of potential displays being hosted in gardens nearby. We understand this year has been a difficult one for many people […]

The physical symptoms of loneliness

Many of us experience feelings of loneliness and this has been exacerbated recently due to the COVID-19 pandemic and having to spend more time at home. The elderly and vulnerable, who often live alone, are much more prone to feeling lonely. Loneliness can not only impact on us mentally, but physically too. Here are just […]

There’s no age limit for a career in care

More people than ever are working in care into their fifties, sixties and beyond, which is a positive reflection of our ageing society. We fully appreciate the value that older workers bring, including career and general life experience. Many of them are looking for more flexible work to fit around their lifestyles. We welcome the […]

How our carers are protecting the NHS

Our work in the communities we serve across Wales is essential and protects those who need care at home, as well as the NHS. By having carers visit them on a daily basis, our service users are shielded from the coronavirus, helping to alleviate additional pressure on hospitals. It is a blessing for many elderly […]

Don’t stop gardening in autumn and winter

We’re big on encouraging the elderly, who are able, to get out and do some gardening, especially during the recent pandemic when we’re spending more time at home. Just because summer is over, doesn’t mean gardening has to be. It can continue well into autumn and winter and there’s lots to be getting on with. […]

Take extra care of elderly when clocks change

We are urging people to take extra care of their elderly relatives and neighbours when the clocks go back an hour at the end of this month (October 2020). From October 25 the evenings will get darker earlier, which could impact on the well-being of older people. Through visiting our service users, we know that […]