Reading can be good for your health

Reading is a fantastic hobby for people who are getting older. It can improve memory, reduce stress, improve sleep and delay cognitive decline. It can also transport you to different worlds in your imagination and will help you pass the hours by. Plus it’s a great distraction for many, as we’re all spending more time […]

Why caring is a career for all genders

Unfortunately, due to outdated stereotypes, many people believe caring is a career mostly suited to women. This is because they’re seen as the more kind and caring genders. However, we have lots of male staff members who are equally as kind, caring and professional. We have many male service users and having male carers helps […]

How your skills can transfer to care

Unemployment figures are continuing to rise. Those who work for non-essential retailers and in tourism, catering and hospitality are suffering the most, but they don’t realise their skills can transfer to care. That friendly, caring persona you have in front of customers is exactly what we need in the care industry. Your hardworking ethos shows […]

Create a wildlife haven in your garden

We recently shared our tips on making your garden hedgehog-friendly, but if you want to also attract other wildlife to your plot, read on for our handy advice. The creation of a wildlife garden will attract a diversity of wild creatures. It will go some way towards redressing the balance of human interference with nature, […]

We’re part of WeCare Wales campaign to fill social care vacancies

We have joined a growing list of care providers coming together to help fill hundreds of social care vacancies as part of the WeCare Wales campaign. The social care sector is under increasing pressure from an ageing population, and the current pandemic, to provide care to vulnerable individuals across the country. This is why we’re […]

Call for carers for our busiest time of year

We are calling for more carers to join us as we enter our busiest period of the year with a target to take on 100 new employees by November 1, 2020. Autumn and winter are our busiest times of the year. This year, we have the added pressure of the coronavirus pandemic. As the weather […]

Carers vital in helping prevent malnutrition in elderly

Malnutrition in the elderly is rife. It can often go unnoticed but helping prevent starvation in Wales are our carers. There is a common misconception that older people naturally lose weight. Causes of malnutrition, such as illness, loneliness and loss of mobility are more common. While column inches in our national newspapers and magazines are […]

Reasons you should become a carer

If you want to make a difference to people’s lives during these uncertain times, here are our top reasons why you should consider becoming a carer: Protecting the NHS By caring for people in their own homes, you will be supporting our colleagues in the NHS. Our carers ensure service users are taking prescribed medication […]

The importance of flu jabs

Now more than ever, we are aware of how quickly a virus can spread. This makes it even more important that we protect ourselves against the flu. The elderly in particular should be protected, as they are some of the most vulnerable. Am I eligible? If you are 65-years-old or over (born on or before […]

Help elderly prepare for autumn

As the leaves change colour, we’re reminded that, sadly, summer has been and gone and autumn is upon us. Many of us don’t consider the change in season to affect us. However, it can affect the elderly more than you realise. So, it’s important to make sure they are prepared for the change and that […]