Avoiding COVID-19 related scams during lockdown

The current COVID-19 outbreak has caused uncertainty and confusion across the world.   We have previously posted advice for the elderly to help them avoid falling for scams and fraudsters. However, there has been a new wave of scams exploiting the uncertainty surrounding the condition. Scams have included medical kits that aim to prevent or […]

Looking after your skin as you age

Getting older affects our skin as well as the rest of our body. As we age our skin loses elasticity and can often feel much drier and thinner. There is lots of information out there on how we can keep our body healthy as we grow older, but as the skin is our largest organ, […]

Hot meal ideas for elderly in winter

Last week we blogged about keeping safe and warm at home in the winter and one of our top tips was to ensure you or an elderly loved-one gets at least one hot meal a day and plenty of drinks too. Food is a vital source of energy and it helps keep your body warm, […]

Advice for elderly to keep safe and warm in winter

After enjoying an unusually mild festive season, the temperatures have now dropped dramatically. We’ve already had some snowfall across Wales with more forecast and the roads and pavements have become slippery with ice, which is why we’ve put together a few helpful tips for the elderly to help keep them safe and warm this winter. […]

Top tips for avoiding getting the flu

We have all experienced a common cold before and know how dreadful it can make you feel, but have you had flu before? The flu can feel ten times worse and can’t be cured by sipping hot lemon and honey consistently through the day. There’s no ‘powering through’ when it comes to the flu as […]

Help for people with dementia to tell the time

Being able to tell the time is a skill we often take for granted in our everyday lives. It’s something we do so often that it’s become a habit ingrained within us. Depending on what time our watch or clock is telling us, we know it’s time to get up or time for lunch or […]

Keep your elderly loved-one’s health in check with kale

Kale has grown in popularity over the past couple of years and has become known as a bit of a super food as it is one of the most nutritionally rich vegetables around and is an excellent source of vitamins K, A and C. It is also virtually fat free and low in calories too. […]

Tips for elderly to cut their energy bills this winter

For an elderly person still living in their own home, gas and electricity costs are extremely important so it is imperative that we ensure our elderly neighbours, relatives or friends are paying as little as possible to heat and light their homes. The Government offers a winter fuel allowance to anybody over the age of […]

Top tips for elderly to keep their bones healthy

The elderly are more at risk of slips, trips and falls around the home and when they’re out and about, but the strength of their bones can make a big difference to the effect a fall can have on them. We recently put together some top tips for the elderly on staying safe at home […]

Tips for keeping cool in the summer

As the weather heats up, it’s important for our elderly and vulnerable service users to keep cool and comfortable, as high temperatures can become dangerous for them. With the help of our carers, we’ve put together a list of top tips you or an elderly relative, friend or neighbour can use to stay cool in […]