Christmas shopping with someone with dementia

The festive season can bring a whole range of new challenges to a person with dementia. Christmas shopping is difficult enough but add in noise from the traffic and other shoppers, as well as the general hustle and bustle of the British high street, and it can cause incredible stress and anxiety for someone with […]

Film suggestions for people with dementia

Films are a great way to help improve a person with dementia’s mood and to help them stay engaged with something. Films which do not have a complex storyline and where there is comedy, musical entertainment or action are just some of the genres that can be most appealing to someone with the disease. Watching […]

Summer safety tips for people with dementia

We recently blogged about our advice for keeping cool in the summer, but what if you’re out and about in the heat with a person with dementia? We’ve got more helpful tips for staying safe in the sunshine: Keep hydrated  This is important whatever age you are. In the heat everyone needs to take regular […]