Care industry can be one of the most rewarding

The care industry can be one of the most rewarding to work in and it provides a job for life to the right candidates. Care givers list job satisfaction, building friendships with those they work with and care for and the chance to further their qualifications as the key benefits of working in the profession. The recent ‘Social […]

The benefits of respite breaks for carers

Caring for another person can be very demanding. We often encourage our professional carers to take well-earned breaks, but if you’re caring for a loved-one alongside work and family it can begin to get extremely stressful and draining, so it’s very important to take regular respite breaks. Respite breaks can be vital to yours and […]

Mel is appointed as our Newtown care ambassador

Mel Edwards who works as a carer at our Newtown office has been appointed as an ambassador for the industry and is offering free talks to schools and colleges in the area. The talks will provide an insight into the industry for any students interested in working in it in the future and will also […]

We’re calling for more carers to help with winter pressure

We are calling for caring individuals to join our team to help look after the elderly and vulnerable during our busiest time of the year (February, 2019). The winter months are some of our busiest as the cold weather can affect our service users greatly. Pre and post-Christmas is our busiest time of the year, […]

We’re always prepared for bad weather

We will ensure all service users are reached despite freezing temperatures and forecasts of snow (January 24, 2019). Our staff are going above and beyond to make sure everyone they look after is warm, well fed and hydrated. We have had snow already with forecasts predicting more to come, but our biggest concern is the […]

We’re campaigning for careers in care to be taken more seriously

Many people may not like to admit it, but care work can often be portrayed as an undervalued profession and something people go into if they don’t have any qualifications, which is why we are consistently campaigning for it to be taken more seriously as a career. As well as being kind, caring, honest and […]

Terri promoted from receptionist to recruiter

Terri Bramfitt from Newtown has recently (October, 2018) been promoted to the role of Recruitment Administrator. The 29-year-old, who previously worked as a receptionist at our Newtown branch, will now deal with new candidate enquiries and selecting individuals to go on to the interview process for a care role. Terri said: “I have been with […]

Ageing population means care work is a job for life

Care has become a job for life due to the on-going growth of the ageing population in the country (July, 2018). According to official statistics Wales has the fastest growing proportion of older people in the UK – by 2039 there will be 44% more people aged 65 and above compared to 2014. As a […]

Preventing diabetes in old age

More than 4.5 million people living in the UK have diabetes and nine out of 10 of these cases are type-2 diabetes. It is caused by problems with a chemical in the body (hormone) called insulin. It’s also often linked to being overweight or inactive or having a family history of it. There are some […]

Care ambassadors to educate students on the industry

Schools and colleges in Wales are being urged to sign up to receive talks from experts about the care industry and caring for the elderly. Abacare is offering up its Care Ambassadors, Irene Woodward, Nerys Hughes and Rosemarie Williams to talk to Key Stage Four school pupils and college students to provide an insight into […]