Helping a person with dementia de-clutter their home

Spring is fast approaching and you’re no doubt beginning to get the urge to have a bit of a spring clean of your home. As well as your own, it’s also a good idea to have a declutter of a loved-one that might be suffering with dementia’s home too, as due to the disease many […]

How the wrong carpet can confuse people living with dementia

A recent survey of 1,000 members of the British public, conducted by United Carpets and Beds, found that many people are unaware that interiors such as colourful and patterned flooring/carpets can confuse those living with dementia. The survey also revealed that 31% of people believed that addressing obvious hazards around the home would be enough […]

The benefits of jigsaw puzzles for people with dementia

When we’re young children we’re often given jigsaw puzzles as a way of stimulating our brains, improving our hand eye coordination and our thinking and memory skills. As we grow older we can still improve these skills or keep them ticking over by doing jigsaw puzzles, which helps reduce the risk of dementia, but jigsaw […]

The benefits of adult colouring for people with dementia

We have briefly mentioned in our past blog posts how helpful adult colouring can be for anyone who needs to relax and practice mindfulness, but did you know it is a great calming tool for people with dementia too? Colouring is an activity that a person can become engrossed in and they can become so […]

Christmas decorating safety tips for people with dementia

December is fast approaching, which means we’ll be getting up into our lofts or digging into the backs of our cupboards for all those Christmas decorations that have been stored away since last year. Decorating the tree and the rest of the house is a bit of a tradition among some families at Christmas and […]