Free advice on having a more dementia-friendly Christmas

Christmas can be a challenging time for people with dementia and their friends and family too. It can affect a person with dementia in lots of ways. Many people with the condition like to have a set routine and the busyness of the festive season often means that routines change, and this can upset someone […]

UK’s first dementia-friendly ambulances launch

Travelling to hospital in an ambulance can be a worrying time for anyone, but it can be extra stressful and confusing for a person with dementia. We’re thrilled to hear that the University of Northampton’s Dementia Centre has teamed up with the East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) and updated four emergency vehicles to help patients […]

How to have a dementia-friendly Bonfire night

Each year we encourage our carers to reassure our elderly service users and those with dementia on Bonfire night (November 5) as it can be particularly frightening for them due to the loud noises.  It’s important when planning your Bonfire night celebrations, that you take into consideration any friends, family members or neighbours with dementia, […]

National Trust sites to become dementia-friendly

We’re thrilled at the news that the National Trust is joining forces with the Alzheimer’s Society in order to give its historic and countryside sites dementia-friendly makeovers. Figures revealed that more than 150,000 of its supporters over the age of 65 may be living with the condition. We’re big advocates of everyone getting outside in the […]

The benefits of being a dementia friendly business

Recently, we have blogged about dementia friendly supermarkets and dementia friendly banks across the country which are doing their best to ensure people with a diagnosis of dementia can go about using their services as normal. We want to encourage as many businesses out there, including independent ones, to become dementia friendly as there are […]

Encouraging the sports sector to become more dementia-friendly

Back in December (2018) the Alzheimer’s Society launched a dementia-friendly finance guide for businesses to help them better support people with dementia to manage their finances. It aimed to help financial organisations to understand the needs of people with dementia better and provide them with a better level of customer service. We’re keen for the […]

Dementia-friendly Christmas gift ideas

It can be tricky when it comes to gift buying for family or friends, but we’re big advocates of the practical present, something that’s going to make the recipient’s day-to-day life just that little bit easier. For a person with dementia, a practical gift can be a huge help. We’ve put together some ideas for […]

Alzheimer’s Society launches dementia-friendly finance guide for businesses

We recently blogged about the rise in dementia-friendly banks and we believe it is incredibly important that businesses educate themselves on how they can support people with dementia when they are using their services. A survey by the Alzheimer’s Society in 2013 found that 76% of people with dementia had difficulty using banks and 66% […]

Become a dementia friend

In the past we have blogged about how you can make a home more dementia-friendly, how you can transform a garden into being dementia-friendly and what shops and banks are out there that can help and advise anyone with dementia, but now it’s time you became more dementia-friendly too. We are big supporters of the […]

Dementia-friendly supermarkets

Bright lights, loud noises and a fast-paced environment, such as a supermarket, can be very daunting for a person with dementia, which is why we were thrilled to hear about Sainsbury’s recently trialling a ‘relaxed checkout lane’ for shoppers with dementia. The lane is open from 10am until 6pm and has initially been trialled at […]