How smart meters could help people with dementia

In a bid to reduce falls, accidents and potential hospital admissions, preliminary research has started into smart meter technology and how it can help monitor people with dementia at home. Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust and Liverpool John Moores University are monitoring 50 patients and looking at their daily routines via the smart meters. Traditionally […]

New developments in dementia research in 2018

The Alzheimer’s Society has been committed to supporting dementia research for almost 40 years and it saw great strides towards new treatments and research during 2018. It claims that more people than ever are taking part in vital dementia research thanks to its Join Dementia Research programme, which matches people interested in taking part in […]

Dementia research through gaming

We know that there are lots of mobile apps and games on the market that can help people with brain stimulation and lessening the risk of developing dementia, but did you know there is also a popular game out there that has been made in order to gather research on dementia? Sea Hero Quest has […]