Dismissing dementia myths

Dementia isn’t something a lot of people learn about at a younger age and there is a lot of misconception surrounding it, so we’ve decided to give people the lowdown on some of the biggest myths out there. According to the Alzheimer’s Society, there are currently 850,000 people with the condition in the UK, with […]

Top tips for keeping people with dementia calm

We are revealing some helpful techniques our carers use to keep service users with dementia calm as part of World Alzheimer’s Month. People with dementia can often panic and become agitated and it’s important to use calming techniques for those with the condition and the company has rolled these out as part of its training. […]

The benefits of photographs in early stages of dementia

Photographs can be extremely beneficial to a person in the early stages of dementia. There are currently 850,000 people with dementia in the UK, according to the Alzheimer’s Society. This is projected to rise to 1.6 million by 2040. More than 209,600 people will develop it this year. Seeing old holiday snaps, family portraits or […]

Helping someone with dementia at mealtimes

Mealtimes can be difficult for a person with dementia. The condition can cause problems with coordination and remembering the processes involved with eating and drinking. They might also have issues using cutlery. Our carers are well trained in helping our service users with dementia through their mealtimes and we are passing on all the helpful […]

Telephone calls with someone with dementia

At the moment, you may not be able to see your loved-one with dementia as often as you would usually. There are lots of different ways you can communicate with others during the pandemic, however these might be too complicated for someone with the condition. You may need to stick to an ‘old fashioned’ telephone […]

New radio station for people with dementia

The current pandemic has been tough for everyone, but especially people with dementia and their carers. To brighten people’s moods during these times, Music 4 Dementia, has launched a new, free radio station. It is available 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week. There is a ‘mix station’, playing classics from multiple eras. Listeners can also choose from four other […]

Stay vigilant for signs of dementia

We have all been so consumed by the uncertainty of the Coronavirus pandemic, that we may not have noticed signs of dementia in our loved-ones. There are currently 850,000 people with dementia in the UK, according to the Alzheimer’s Society. This is projected to rise to 1.6 million by 2040. More than 209,600 people will […]

Music guide for people with dementia during COVID-19

Music can be a huge help for people with dementia. In breakdown of memory it can be a case of first in, last out with regards music. This is why it can be such a helpful tool in the later stages. No matter the genre, music can sooth, stimulate and bring to mind some long-forgotten […]

Talking to people with dementia about COVID-19

We’re currently living in very uncertain and confusing times following the COVID-19 outbreak. Life for a person with dementia can be very confusing despite the outbreak. You may be wondering how you go about explaining the crisis to someone with the condition. It’s important to take a person-centred approach to discussing the topic. Ask yourself […]

Dementia bookshelf analogy

The Jersey Alzheimer’s Association is expanding people’s knowledge of dementia with its ‘bookshelf model analogy’. We think it is a great analogy to help people to understand the condition more and thought we would share it. The charity asks people to imagine the brain as a bookshelf full of books. It says the books at […]