How people with dementia can continue to enjoy books

Reading is a great pleasure for many of us, allowing us to escape into another world for a couple of hours and it is great for cognitive stimulation and keeping our minds active, however for people with dementia it can become difficult due to changes in the brain. Interpreting visual information can be tricky and […]

Food shopping with someone with dementia

According to the Alzheimer’s Society, 80% of people with dementia said shopping was one of their favourite activities, but 63% found it increasingly difficult and didn’t think shops were doing enough to help those with the condition. For someone with dementia, food shopping can be particularly daunting thanks to the lights, noise and the amount […]

Tips for taking someone with dementia out for a meal

We’re big advocates of people with dementia being able to go about their normal lives, which is why it’s important to still take trips out and celebrate special occasions. Visiting a busy place such as a restaurant can be disconcerting for your loved-one if they have dementia, thanks to the noise and lots of people […]

How smart meters could help people with dementia

In a bid to reduce falls, accidents and potential hospital admissions, preliminary research has started into smart meter technology and how it can help monitor people with dementia at home. Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust and Liverpool John Moores University are monitoring 50 patients and looking at their daily routines via the smart meters. Traditionally […]

Film suggestions for people with dementia

Films are a great way to help improve a person with dementia’s mood and to help them stay engaged with something. Films which do not have a complex storyline and where there is comedy, musical entertainment or action are just some of the genres that can be most appealing to someone with the disease. Watching […]

Encouraging the sports sector to become more dementia-friendly

Back in December (2018) the Alzheimer’s Society launched a dementia-friendly finance guide for businesses to help them better support people with dementia to manage their finances. It aimed to help financial organisations to understand the needs of people with dementia better and provide them with a better level of customer service. We’re keen for the […]

How baking can help someone with dementia

If you have a loved-one with dementia and struggle to find activities to do together, then baking is a great idea as it can help you both connect and engage more. It can also help your loved-one keep focused, help with reminiscence and minimise restlessness and boredom. Decide on a recipe you’d like to bake […]

New Fidget Widget toolkit launched for people with dementia

People with dementia can often experience fidgeting behaviour and feel the need to be occupied, engaged and included in activities. We often encourage our service users to take part in activities to keep the mind active, such as puzzles, drawing/colouring and crafting as it can help them feel calmer and more relaxed. The Alzheimer’s Society […]

New website launched to promote benefits of music for people with dementia

We have previously blogged about music being beneficial to people with dementia, so we’re thrilled to have heard the news that the first ever information hub for advice, evidence-based research and expertise on why music is essential for people living with dementia and their carers, has been launched. It is anticipated that there will be […]

How the wrong carpet can confuse people living with dementia

A recent survey of 1,000 members of the British public, conducted by United Carpets and Beds, found that many people are unaware that interiors such as colourful and patterned flooring/carpets can confuse those living with dementia. The survey also revealed that 31% of people believed that addressing obvious hazards around the home would be enough […]