Mood boosting foods for the elderly

A good way to boost your mood is through the food you eat and making sure you include lots of lovely nutrients in your diet. Many elderly people might be feeling a bit low at the moment. Being cooped up indoors, unable to socialise and see people as much as they usually would do. Levels […]

Maintaining a good diet during lockdown

It’s important for our physical and mental health, especially during the current lockdown restrictions, that we maintain a good diet. Here are some of our top tips to help you: Plan ahead Planning meals in advance helps you to stick to the healthier and more nutritional options. If you don’t plan ahead you will more […]

Eating more eggs could reduce dementia risk

New research has recently found that eating more eggs could help reduce the risk of dementia. Having a well-balanced diet is extremely important, whatever age you are. A diet rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids is a must and you should always ensure you are getting a good amount of protein too as it […]

The benefits of drinking lemon water

Today our blog is all about the benefits of drinking lemon water as part of our series of blog posts on healthy eating and drinking. It’s important we all look after our bodies as much as we can, especially as we’re getting older and many small changes can help reduce the risk of developing diseases […]

Why you should introduce cranberries into your diet

Cranberries aren’t just for popping on our Christmas dinner plates alongside the turkey – we need to be incorporating them into our regular diets as they are bursting with health benefits. Cranberries are full of vitamin C, which is great for our immune systems, so load up on them if you feel a cold or […]

The importance of vitamin D for people with dementia

Do you often feel more cheerful after you’ve been outside on a sunny day? If so, it’s because you are getting some much needed production of vitamin D, otherwise known as ‘the sunshine vitamin’, from the sunlight on your skin. Low levels of vitamin D can cause low moods, fatigue and even depression, so it’s […]