Easter activities for people with dementia

Easter can be an overwhelming time of year for people with dementia. It can be busy and loud if there’s a family get together and it can be a time of year that brings mixed feelings, such as a sense of loss of a partner or loved-one who might have passed away, and memories of […]

Activities for the elderly to do at Easter

Last week we blogged about the importance of helping the elderly feel less alone at Easter, so if you’re planning on having an elderly relative, friend or neighbour over to your house or you’re planning on paying them a visit and spending the day together, then we’ve put together some helpful ideas for activities you […]

How you can help the elderly feel less alone at Easter

Much like Christmas, Easter can be a particularly lonely time for the elderly, especially for those who live alone. For many gone are the days of watching the children hunt for Easter eggs around the house or tucking into an Easter Sunday lunch with the whole family around the table. At Easter many people and […]

We’re encouraging visits to the elderly this Easter

Alongside Christmas, Easter can be one of the loneliest times of the year for the elderly, which is why we’re encouraging people to check in on their elderly relatives and neighbours over the break. At Easter people take advantage of the long weekend to book two week holidays or to get stuck into household projects […]

Abacare encourages visits to the elderly this Easter

PEOPLE from Wales are being encouraged by a care provider in the country to visit the elderly this Easter as it can be one of the loneliest times of the year for them alongside Christmas (April, 2017). Abacare says that many older people fear being lonely as people often go on holidays during the Easter […]