The benefits of walking football for the elderly

Walking football is a widely recognised sport across the world. It is ideal for the elderly to take part in if they love the game but don’t have the mobility to be running up and down a pitch. Instead of running, they can walk and help minimise any risk of injury. The rules of walking […]

The benefits of bingo for the elderly

If you have an elderly relative, neighbour or friend, then chances are they may have played bingo in their younger days. The game is a British staple and is still played at local clubs, holiday parks and in bingo halls across the country. We actively encourage our service users to take part in any activities […]

The benefits of playing video games for the elderly

Video games have received a lot of negative attention over the years and when we think of them we often envisage teens spending any spare time they might have sat in-front of a screen, pressing buttons and shooting things. While we certainly wouldn’t recommend spending hours on end in-front of a screen playing a game, […]

How watching TV can be beneficial for the elderly

As we grow up we’re often told that we shouldn’t be watching too much TV and that it can be bad for your health to be sat still for hours on end staring at a screen, and while this is true, if watched in moderation it can be beneficial for many people, such as the […]

How playing chess can benefit the brain

We have previously blogged about the best at home hobbies to help keep the elderly mind active and one of those hobbies mentioned was playing chess and other strategic games as they can help exercise your memory. In today’s blog we wanted to delve more into the benefits playing chess can have on the brain […]

Activities to do with dad on Father’s Day

We recently gave you some of our top suggestions for gift ideas for Father’s Day, but if you’d rather take your dad out and spend some quality time together, then here are our ideas for activities you can do together: Days out Your dad will no doubt appreciate spending some quality time with you over […]

Bank Holiday activities for the family in Wales

Roll on the first of our Bank Holiday weekends! It’s a great opportunity for families to get together and spend some quality time, especially for the elderly who can often feel lonely and will really appreciate you making an effort with them. We’ve put together some ideas for activities across Wales you can do during […]

Activities for elderly to enjoy with grandchildren

A recent programme broadcast by Channel 4 set out to explore the increasing isolation of older people within our communities and measure the impact of inter-generational interaction. Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds brought together four-year-old children with people in their 80s. The elderly people were measured on their cognition, mood and depression, as […]

Keeping the elderly entertained at family gatherings

Having a family gathering is a wonderful occasion, one which an elderly person might look forward to for weeks as they get to see and interact with family members they might not have seen for a long time. But it might be hard to know how to keep an elderly person entertained, especially if they […]