The benefits of walking football for the elderly

Walking football is a widely recognised sport across the world and is ideal for older men or women to take part in if they love the game but don’t have the mobility to be running up and down a pitch. Instead of running, they can walk and help minimise any risk of injury. The rules […]

Hearing aids may help maintain better brain function

We all know that regular hearing tests for the elderly are just as important as regular check-ups at the doctors or dentists.   According to Age UK, more than 71% of over 70-year-olds and more than 41% of over 50-year-olds suffer from some form of hearing loss.   Hearing loss can have an impact on […]

Helping a person with dementia de-clutter their home

Spring is fast approaching and you’re no doubt beginning to get the urge to have a bit of a spring clean of your home. As well as your own, it’s also a good idea to have a declutter of a loved-one that might be suffering with dementia’s home too, as due to the disease many […]

Advice for elderly to keep safe and warm in winter

After enjoying an unusually mild festive season, the temperatures have now dropped dramatically. We’ve already had some snowfall across Wales with more forecast and the roads and pavements have become slippery with ice, which is why we’ve put together a few helpful tips for the elderly to help keep them safe and warm this winter. […]

Top tips for avoiding getting the flu

We have all experienced a common cold before and know how dreadful it can make you feel, but have you had flu before? The flu can feel ten times worse and can’t be cured by sipping hot lemon and honey consistently through the day. There’s no ‘powering through’ when it comes to the flu as […]

Take extra care of elderly when clocks change at end of month

We are urging people to take extra care of their elderly relatives and neighbours when the clocks go back an hour at the end of this month (October, 2018). From October 28 the evenings will get darker much earlier, which could impact on the well-being of older people. Through visiting our service users, we know […]

Helping an elderly loved-one to keep a clean and tidy home

Keeping an entire home clean and tidy is a tricky task for most of us, so imagine how hard it must be for an elderly person or someone who is not as mobile as we are. It requires a lot of energy, which your loved-one just might not have, so we have put together some […]

Welsh encouraged to help elderly prepare for autumn

We’re encouraging people from Wales to help elderly relatives and neighbours prepare for the changing season (September, 2018). As the colder weather sets in, so too does the heightened risk of seasonal-related illnesses and falls. As the leaves change colour, we’re reminded that, sadly, summer has been and gone and autumn is upon us. While many […]

How to be a good neighbour to an elderly person

Many of us live happy lives at home surrounded by family, often without a thought for those that are living around us. How many people on your street live alone? How many are elderly and find it difficult to get out and about? How many have regular visits from friends or family? It’s important to […]

The benefits of potassium in our diet

We all know that healthy eating is extremely important and we have previously blogged about the importance of vitamin D for people with dementia, how garlic is a super food we should all be including in our diets and how an elderly person can keep their health in check with kale. But today we want […]