Carers vital in helping prevent malnutrition in Welsh elderly

Malnutrition in the elderly is rife and it can often go unnoticed. There is a common misconception that older people naturally lose weight. Causes of malnutrition, such as illness, loneliness and loss of mobility are more common. While column inches in our national newspapers and magazines are dedicated to obesity in the young, malnutrition in […]

Malnutrition awareness in the elderly

According to research by the British Association for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition, one in ten people (1.3 million) over the age of 65 in the UK is malnourished or at risk of malnutrition. It also found that 90% of people who are affected by malnutrition are living at home. There is a common misconception that […]

Spare a thought for elderly this Bonfire night

We’re urging anyone planning Bonfire night parties or fireworks displays this November (2018) to spare a thought for the elderly and vulnerable. Bonfire night is a particularly frightening time for the elderly due to the associated loud noises, so we’re asking people to take extra care when hosting parties and setting off fireworks, and to […]

Take extra care of elderly when clocks change at end of month

We are urging people to take extra care of their elderly relatives and neighbours when the clocks go back an hour at the end of this month (October, 2018). From October 28 the evenings will get darker much earlier, which could impact on the well-being of older people. Through visiting our service users, we know […]

Helping an elderly loved-one to keep a clean and tidy home

Keeping an entire home clean and tidy is a tricky task for most of us, so imagine how hard it must be for an elderly person or someone who is not as mobile as we are. It requires a lot of energy, which your loved-one just might not have, so we have put together some […]

Bathroom safety for the elderly and people with dementia

We have previously blogged about kitchen safety for the elderly and people with dementia, but another room of the house that can be equally as dangerous is the bathroom, thanks to potential flooding, falls and burns. People with dementia can’t always tell when something has become too hot and might find it tricky working temperature […]

Welsh encouraged to help elderly prepare for autumn

We’re encouraging people from Wales to help elderly relatives and neighbours prepare for the changing season (September, 2018). As the colder weather sets in, so too does the heightened risk of seasonal-related illnesses and falls. As the leaves change colour, we’re reminded that, sadly, summer has been and gone and autumn is upon us. While many […]

Improve brain fitness with yoga

Gentle forms of exercise, such as yoga, are great for all ages, especially older people and the ageing population as it improves physical and mental health, builds strength and improves flexibility and posture. Research has also found that yoga is a good way to improve brain fitness and boost verbal and visual-spatial memory. Researchers at […]

How fish could help reduce risk of dementia

We believe it’s extremely important that the elderly stay well hydrated and eat the right meals to ensure they get all the nutrients they need. We have previously blogged our top tips for the elderly to eat well as well as listing lots of food items that should be incorporated into their diet (garlic, bananas […]

How watching TV can be beneficial for the elderly

As we grow up we’re often told that we shouldn’t be watching too much TV and that it can be bad for your health to be sat still for hours on end staring at a screen, and while this is true, if watched in moderation it can be beneficial for many people, such as the […]