Managing aggressive behaviour in people with dementia

Last week we blogged about how you can immediately deal with a person with dementia being aggressive, but if it is or has become a regular occurrence it’s important to understand how to manage it and hopefully reduce it too. Identifying the problem is one of the first steps to managing aggressive behaviour in a […]

Tips for dealing with aggression in people with dementia

Many people are unaware that aggression can be a common behaviour that results from a person having dementia. It can be incredibly distressing for the person suffering and for their family and friends who may be doing their best to look after them. The aggression can be verbal such as swearing, shouting or making threats […]

Help for people with dementia to tell the time

Being able to tell the time is a skill we often take for granted in our everyday lives. It’s something we do so often that it’s become a habit ingrained within us. Depending on what time our watch or clock is telling us, we know it’s time to get up or time for lunch or […]

The benefits of adult colouring for people with dementia

We have briefly mentioned in our past blog posts how helpful adult colouring can be for anyone who needs to relax and practice mindfulness, but did you know it is a great calming tool for people with dementia too? Colouring is an activity that a person can become engrossed in and they can become so […]