Gentle exercises for elderly during lockdown

We recently blogged about the different exercises the elderly can do to stay active during the lockdown. However, everyone’s levels of mobility are different. For those that are less mobile and unable to take part in full exercise classes and routines, there are some simple, gentle stretches that can be done. It’s not about working […]

The benefits of Thai Chi for the ageing population

We’re passionate about encouraging the older population to keep moving and be as mobile as possible and we have previously recommended yoga and pilates as great forms of exercise for improving physical and mental health, building strength and improving posture. Thai Chi is another form of gentle exercise that is perfect for an ageing population […]

The benefits of walking for the elderly

We recently blogged about the importance of exercise for the elderly as it reduces health risks and improves strength and flexibility. But if yoga, pilates or swimming isn’t for you or your elderly loved-one, then another way to get that all important exercise into your daily routine, is to go walking. A daily walk, even […]

The importance of exercise for the elderly

These days, the average life expectancy has risen to 80-years-old, which means it is more important than ever to stay mobile as we get older. When we reach the age of 65, our cardiovascular system undergoes a 20 to 30% decrease in cardiac output. Our Oxygen uptake decreases by 9% for men and 5% for […]