Don’t stop gardening in autumn and winter

We’re big on encouraging the elderly, who are able, to get out and do some gardening, especially during the recent pandemic when we’re spending more time at home. Just because summer is over, doesn’t mean gardening has to be. It can continue well into autumn and winter and there’s lots to be getting on with. […]

Ensuring your garden is hedgehog-friendly

We’re advocates of the elderly getting out into their garden as much as possible. We have lots of blog posts here on our website full of helpful advice on gardening and attracting wildlife. Hedgehogs numbers have plummeted in the UK by more than a third during the last 10 years, so it is crucial that […]

Keeping your garden secure

As many of our service users live alone, it’s so important that they feel safe and secure in their own homes. We previously shared our tips on keeping yours or a loved-one’s home secure, but as well as your home, it’s also important to remember to keep outside areas or a garden secure too. Barbecues, […]

Making a loved-one’s garden age-friendly

With the Great British weather vastly improving and the lighter evenings, it’s time we all started enjoying our gardens. If you have an elderly loved-one, a family friend or neighbour who has a garden that needs a bit of a makeover, we’ve put together some top tips for creating a space that’s age-friendly and can […]