Wrapping up warm this winter

We’ve lots of advice here on our blog for the elderly to keep warm in their homes during winter. But what about when they want to venture out? Even in winter it’s still important to go outside and do some walking. It’s great for your mental health and a dose of vitamin D, even if […]

Hot meal ideas for elderly in winter

Last week we blogged about keeping safe and warm at home in the winter and one of our top tips was to ensure you or an elderly loved-one gets at least one hot meal a day and plenty of drinks too. Food is a vital source of energy and it helps keep your body warm, […]

Advice for elderly to keep safe and warm in winter

After enjoying an unusually mild festive season, the temperatures have now dropped dramatically. We’ve already had some snowfall across Wales with more forecast and the roads and pavements have become slippery with ice, which is why we’ve put together a few helpful tips for the elderly to help keep them safe and warm this winter. […]

Advice on preventing Seasonal Affective Disorder

Last year, we blogged about helping the elderly beat the winter blues and we touched on the fact that many people can feel sad or down at this time of year and the lack of sunlight can lead many to suffer with seasonal affective disorder (SAD). SAD is a type of depression that comes and […]

Elderly offered advice on keeping warm this winter

We’re offering elderly people in the country advice on keeping warm in the winter weather (2018). Hhaving a warm home if you had reduced mobility or are over 65-years-old is extremely important in the winter and the minimum a home should be heated to is 18 degrees. The cold weather can really affect the elderly […]

Tips to stay healthy in winter

At this time of year, we are all more susceptible to common illnesses such as coughs and colds and as it gets chillier outside, we sometimes much prefer staying indoors, keeping warm and tucking into food that might not be so good for us. It’s important for us, and the elderly and vulnerable in particular, […]