We’re encouraging people to celebrate elderly on Silver Sunday

We’re encouraging the people of Wales to celebrate the older generation on Silver Sunday (October 6, 2019) in a bid to combat loneliness. On Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Easter and Christmas we urge people to consider spending more time with their loved-ones. However, we need to be ensuring older people feel valued all year […]

The importance of calcium in your diet

All of us need calcium to build and maintain healthy bones. The mineral also helps our heart beat, our muscles to contract and our blood to clot and the amount we need changes as we get older. As we age, our bone loss accelerates and conditions such as osteoporosis can develop if our bones are […]

We’re warning people against using untrained carers

We’re concerned thousands of elderly and vulnerable people are being cared for by untrained staff after it was revealed experts fear 500,000 inexperienced carers are advertising services online (July, 2019). Our service users are in safe hands with ours fully trained carers and anyone seeking care for themselves or a loved-one should always use a […]

The benefits of drinking herbal teas for the elderly

Did you know the nation’s favourite brew, tea, is good for your health? You can read our blog post all about it here. But, if you’re not a fan of traditional teas with milk, then herbal teas can also be very beneficial too, especially for the elderly. Ginger tea Ginger has been used for digestive […]

Hot meal ideas for elderly in winter

Last week we blogged about keeping safe and warm at home in the winter and one of our top tips was to ensure you or an elderly loved-one gets at least one hot meal a day and plenty of drinks too. Food is a vital source of energy and it helps keep your body warm, […]

We’re always prepared for bad weather

We will ensure all service users are reached despite freezing temperatures and forecasts of snow (January 24, 2019). Our staff are going above and beyond to make sure everyone they look after is warm, well fed and hydrated. We have had snow already with forecasts predicting more to come, but our biggest concern is the […]

How the elderly can get involved with New Year celebrations

Much like Christmas, the New Year is a great time for families to get together and celebrate, and we believe it’s important to make sure the elderly are not left out and feel included, so we’ve put together some top tips on ways you can ensure they are as involved as possible: Share a meal […]

The benefits of birdwatching for the elderly

We regularly blog about all the different activities that the elderly can do, as we think it’s extremely important that they keep physically and mentally active. Birdwatching is another great activity that we would encourage people of any age to take up. It’s not physically demanding, so great for those who are less mobile, but […]

Helping an elderly loved-one to keep a clean and tidy home

Keeping an entire home clean and tidy is a tricky task for most of us, so imagine how hard it must be for an elderly person or someone who is not as mobile as we are. It requires a lot of energy, which your loved-one just might not have, so we have put together some […]

Improve brain fitness with yoga

Gentle forms of exercise, such as yoga, are great for all ages, especially older people and the ageing population as it improves physical and mental health, builds strength and improves flexibility and posture. Research has also found that yoga is a good way to improve brain fitness and boost verbal and visual-spatial memory. Researchers at […]