Help for older people to stay active during lockdown

Being indoors for long periods of time during the current Coronavirus restrictions can be difficult. This is especially true for older people who might live alone. It’s really important that elderly folk remain as active as possible during this time, so we’ve researched some of the best workouts available if they can’t get outside for […]

How you can help elderly during COVID-19 outbreak

The government has asked the country to stay at home during the current COVID-19 crisis. This means any elderly or vulnerable people are now at home, potentially alone, for the foreseeable future. Research done by the Campaign to End Loneliness found that half a million older people already experience periods of social isolation. The COVID-19 outbreak […]

Are you entitled to a military pension?

A new campaign from Age Cymru is encouraging Armed Forces veterans over the age of 60 to enquire about their eligibility for a military pension. Those who were serving at any time from 1975 may be eligible. Evidence shows Welsh veterans are not claiming what they are entitled to. Additional money could help them live […]

Carers donate 130 gift boxes to elderly and vulnerable for Christmas

Staff at our Flintshire branch recently (December, 2019) donated 130 boxes full of helpful items for the festive season to elderly and vulnerable people in Wales. Carers at the branch raised money to buy the items by hosting a bingo evening and a raffle and filled the boxes with hats, gloves, toiletries, food and Christmas […]

How to keep New Year celebrations dementia-friendly

Much like Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve can be a particularly stressful time for someone with dementia. If you’re having a family get together, it’s important to consider everyone in attendance and especially any loved ones with the condition. Having lots of people in one house can be noisy, especially if there’s music playing too. […]

We’re appealing for festive shoeboxes for the elderly

We are once again asking the generous people of Wales to get behind our festive shoebox appeal for the elderly. It has been extremely successful in the past, so we have decided to continue it again this year. We’re asking you to fill a shoebox with essentials and other bits and pieces that you think […]

The benefits of chair yoga for the elderly

Yoga can not only improve physical health, but also mental health too. It also improves flexibility and posture. You can check out our previous blog post on the benefits of yoga here. However, it can be a long way down to the floor with a yoga mat for the elderly or people with mobility issues. […]

Carers vital in helping prevent malnutrition in Welsh elderly

Malnutrition in the elderly is rife and it can often go unnoticed. There is a common misconception that older people naturally lose weight. Causes of malnutrition, such as illness, loneliness and loss of mobility are more common. While column inches in our national newspapers and magazines are dedicated to obesity in the young, malnutrition in […]

Can you help walk dogs for the elderly in Wales?

Volunteers for The Cinnamon Trust walk dogs for the elderly or people who have problems with mobility. This ensures animals get the exercise they need and also allows individuals to keep their pets at home, which can be a great comfort for them. We strongly believe that elderly people should be able to stay in […]

Activities to do with the elderly on Silver Sunday

Sunday, October 6 is Silver Sunday, a dedicated day to celebrate older people, recognise their contribution to their communities and help them get out and about and meet new people. The day was launched in 2012 by The Sir Simon Milton Foundation and Westminster City Councillor Christabel Flight, after a report discovered more than a […]