Gardening during a pandemic – saving and re-using water

If you’ve found a new love for gardening during the pandemic, it doesn’t have to stop as restrictions continue to lift. Ensuring all your plants get enough water is a big job and we should all be conscious of our water usage in the home. We’ve put together some top tips on how you can […]

Gardening during a pandemic – jobs for June

As part of our gardening series and to get people into the garden during these uncertain times, we’re bringing you our top jobs to do in June. There’s lots to be getting on with and the weather has been very favourable recently too. We would advise wearing sunscreen if you’re going to be in the […]

Gardening during a pandemic – tubs and baskets

If you’ve caught the gardening bug during the pandemic and want to keep it going, here’s some of our top tips for keeping your tubs and baskets looking great all summer long. Make sure you keep your tubs and baskets well-watered at all times. It’s easy to tell if your tub or basket needs a […]

Gardening during a pandemic – growing your own herbs

Our series of gardening blogs is continuing as part of our bid to get the people of Wales out into their gardens during the current Covid-19 pandemic. It’s still not too late to take up gardening and you could even give growing your own herbs a go. Many garden centres are offering home delivery services […]

Stay at home & take up gardening during Coronavirus restrictions

It’s extremely important that everyone stays at home at the moment and we’re huge supporters of this, so have tried to come up with some suggestions of interesting things for people to do. Now is the perfect time for people to take up a new hobby and we think gardening is a great place to […]

Gardening during a pandemic – pruning and snipping

As part of our bid to get the people of Wales gardening during the COVID-19 pandemic, this week we’re giving our top tips on giving plants, trees and hedges a haircut. Gardening is great for improving mental and physical well being while being at home for long periods of time. It’s ideal for getting some […]