Twiddle mitt knitting pattern

Twiddle mitts are knitted cuffs or hand warmers, which have different textures and materials attached, such as beads, ribbons and buttons, that people with dementia can hold and ‘twiddle’ to help any restlessness and agitation that they might experience. We’re calling for crafty folk to put their knitting know-how to good use and create twiddle […]

Knit twiddle mitts for people with dementia

KNITTERS from Wales are this month (September, 2017) being asked to put their skills to the test and knit twiddle mitts for people suffering from dementia. Abacare is calling for the donation of twiddle mitts to its service users with dementia it cares for to help stimulate their brain, reduce anxiety and promote calm. Sam […]

Knitting is the ‘new yoga’

Having a hobby that can reduce stress and anxiety is extremely important in this day and age and we encourage our service users to take up something to keep their mind and hands busy. As many of them are not as able as they used to be, they often take up hobbies they can do […]

The best at home hobbies for keeping the elderly mind active

It can be daunting for an elderly person to have a whole day stretching out before them with no plans in place, so we’ve put together a list of possible hobbies they could take up at home to not only keep them occupied during their spare time, but to also help keep their minds active. […]